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In Bread We Rise

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The Daily Bread Bakery and Cafe...

...began out of passion and love for just truly great food using authentic great bread as a backbone for sharing our craft with our community. We believe in the "kitchen table" - stories are shared, friends are made, and partnerships are garnered- all in the name of food. 

Chef Scott Commings, former Season 12 Winner of Gordon Ramsay's  Hell's Kitchen, is at the helm and his passion for fresh bread began long ago. Even as a child, growing up in an Italian household, Scott can still remember his Uncle brining fresh loaves for dinner from traditional old world bakeries.

During his culinary career Scott developed a passion for creating the "Perfect" loaf. Days weeks and months were spent reading and studying the art and craft of bread baking. It was in this time Scott found and read about an oven builder named Allen Scot who made his career building some of the best bread ovens up and down the California Coast. It was then that Scott got the itch to build his own oven, fired solely by wood.

Never laying a brick before Scott studied and was able to create a truly great oven. He used this weekly as he was taking orders out of his home to create "Wholesome Grains Bakery."

It is with that passion that the Daily Bread Las Vegas was conceived. 

We are excited to share our passion with you. 

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Chef Manuel (Manny)

Born in Mexico, Chef Manny has always had a yearning for 'just great flavors.' Since young, he had been a student of flavor. learning from the best, his Mom and Grandmother. Surrounded by the rich ranch flavors, condiments and plants from their home he knew that food was his passion. Manny traveled through Mexico with the main purpose of learning the culture and food. He then brought his talents to the US putting what he had learn and replicating every chance he got. 

Manny found his love in catering. Working with teams to satisfy thousands of people. 

Manny now is the owner of two separate catering companies, MG Catering Corp and Chef Manny Catering. And now in partnership with Scott Commings; The Daily Bread. 

"Coming to America as an immigrant, I have worked very hard and many hours for the dream to be a Chef. I am proud to say that I did it! I get to do what I love... which is to cook."

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